Diogenes Temno

Diogenes TEMNO with its metal discrimination is a particularly sensitive and very stable working instrument. The pulse-induction-principle is especially suited for deep positioning.By using a large search framework extremely high depths can be achieved.

With over fourty years of search experience we can state that E.I.T. Electronic´s products are of highest quality, hence specifically designed for applications with large and small search coils that can produce a very strong magnetic field and thus penetrate deeply into mineral soils.


Even conductive soils, pylons, magnetic bricks and salt water may have little effect on the performance of Diogenes TEMNO. The metal differentiation (ferrous / non – ferrous) depends on the objects size and conductivity of the soil.

Diogenes TEMNO Electronic Unit:
1 x 1m Frame Coil
Carrying case
Adjustable shoulder and waist strap with a rechargeable 24V battery power supply
Datalogger & viewer software for WINDOWS (Only for models with data logger interface)