Made with many years of eXperience and passion

With years of experience and passion for tracking systems and locating devices the company was founded with only one target: Building one of the best metal detectors for the locator´s different requirements worldwide.
Technologies such as static conductance value identification in PI technology, high-power transmitter using MOSFET technology or special filters to suppress interference were applied and constantly improved. After years of research and development we have achieved our target and now we´re entering the stage with our Diogenes Series.


Interference suppressions

Particularly conductive earth, salt water, magnetized brick and pylons will hardly affect the performance of Diogenes. Furthermore, there is the option to fade out scrap from the surface by size.


Visual clues

One of our major concerns was to make Diogenes easy for anyone to use. Due of this, we developed the visual clues that you can carry out your work easier.
RED = Ferrous | GREEN = Non Ferrous (25%)


Data logger

After the recording of field data our software transforms shortly, easily & accurately. The data will be stored in regard to color, contour, surface, image or vector maps on a computer.


Authorized Reseller

Via the Contact Page you can view all authorized resellers. If you can not find an authorized reseller near you, please don´t hesitate to contact us directly via Email or Phone.

“True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.”

– Socrates



c. 470 - 399 BC